American Robin

American Robin


Male: A charcoal to brown head with distinctive white above and below their eye; their back and wings are charcoal brown with white edges; the tail is a dark grey; their neck is a dark grey also, but it has white banding; the chest and belly is a brick red; their feet and legs are black; and the bill is yellow with black with black on either end. Stands approximately 9-11" or 23-28 cm tall.

Female: The female's colorings are similar to the male's yet, their is one distinct difference, this being that the breast (chest and belly) are a slightly paler color brick red and their back is slightly a bit more brown. Stands approximately 9-11" or 23-28 cm tall.

Voice: Their song is a cheerily cheerily cheerily in a whistle tone.

Food: Their diet consist of earthworms, insects, and fruit.

Nest/Eggs Their nest is a deep cup shape built with weed stalks, cloth, string, and mud, with a lining of grass. The nests are usually found in evergreens and deciduous trees or shrubs. Approximately four eggs.