Blue Jay

Blue Jay


Male and Female: Bright blue crested head with a black band running through their eye to just under the crest on the back of their neck; a black band alsocontinues along the side of the neck, on both sides, to chest; there is white under the chin and around their face; their back is blue; wings and tail are blue banded with black tipped with white at ends; they have a large black bill; and their feet and legs are black. Stands approximately 11-12 1/2" or 28-31 cm tall.

Voice: Their call is a jay jay jay, plus many other calls, including the mimicking of hawks.

Food Omnivorous - in the summer months, the BLue Jay feasts on just about anything, including spiders, snails, salamanders, frogs, seeds, and caterpillars. In the winter months, the Blue Jay will feast on a supplement diet of acorns, nuts, or seeds that were stored in cavities of trees, earlier in the duration of that year.

Nest/Eggs A bulky nest of sticks, leaves, string, and moss lined with small roots, and is well hidden approximately 1-5 meters above the ground, in a tree or a shrub. 3-4 eggs.

Note: Due to the fact that the Blue Jay looks the same in both male and female, I have combined these together under the one heading.