American Crow

American Crow


Male and Female: The crow overall is a shiny black color with a hint of purple in direct sunlight; a large broad black bill; a short and slightly square tail; feet and legs are black. Stands approximately 17-21" or 43-53 cm tall.

Voice: A variety of calls are known to this bird, but the one most often heard and distinct to this bird is the caaaaaw which softens at the end.

Food: Crows are Omnivorous, meaning that they will eat anything. There diet however manly consists of insects, food waste, grains, seeds, and carrion.

Nest/Eggs: Their nest is a large basket of twigs, sticks, vines, moss, feathers, fur and hair, usually located on the crotch of a tree or shrub. 3-4 eggs.

Did you know? Although one might think that crows are a nuisance bird, they actually will devour fairly large quantities of grasshoppers, beetles, and grubs that can be extremely destructive to ones crops.

Note: Due to the fact that the American Crow looks the same in both male and female, I have combined these together under the one heading.