Mourning Dove

Zenaida macroura
Mourning Dove


Male: Buff colored head and body with dark grey wings and tail; the tail is long and pointed; the bill is black with speckles of red at opening; the wings have small black feathers highlighted against softer grey; their eyes are black surrounded by blue, and their feet and legs are red. Stands approximately 12" or 30 cam tall.

Female: Is similar to the male except for the head, neck and chest which are evenly brown. Stands approximately 12" or 30 cm tall.

Voice: Very distinct cooing that sounds a little sad, coooahooo oo oo oo fading at the end.

Food: A variety of seeds and grain.

Nest/Eggs: Platform of sticks and twigs, lined with grass and rootlets, in evergreens, 15 metres above the ground. 1-2 eggs.

Did you know, that when the mourning dove is in flight, its wings whistle.