Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker


Male: The male has a black crown that and ends in a bright red patch on the back of his head; white extends from his cheeks to his belly; tail anmd wings are black with white banding; and his feet and legs are grey. Stands approximately 6 1/2" or 16 cm tall.

Female: The female's colorings are the exact same, but the red patch is distinct to the male, not the female. Meaning that the female does not have this patch. Styands approximately 6 1/2" or 16 cm tall.

Voice: The Downy Woodpecker has a bright sounding peek...peek which could also be followed by a rattling call. To listen for this bird, just listen for the pounding on trees, which is the woodpecker ethier making a hole for a home, or looking for grubs.

Food: The diet of this woodpecker is larvae and other tree-dwelling insects.

Nest/Eggs: Their nests are usually found in the cavity of trees with no added material, approximately 1-5 metres above the ground. 3-6 eggs.

Note!!! To attract Woodpeckers to your feeders, I would suggest placing a thick, dead piece of a tree branch about 16" or 39 1/2 cm long, attached to a post, somwheres close to your feeders, and also a Suet feeder for the Woodpeckers to eat at.

Downy Woodpecker (male)