Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird


Male/Female: They have a black head, wings, and tail; a white chin. chest, and belly; wings have white along the edge and the tail has a white band along the tip; their feet and legs are also black; and a tiny red cape on the crown, which is concealed and rarely seen. They stand approximately 8" or 20 cm.

Voice: There are several different cals including tzi tze as a true song, but there is also a kit kit kitter kitter when they are threatend.

Food: Their diet consists of flying insects and fruit in late summer.

Nest/Eggs: Their nest is a bulky cup built with weed stalks, grass and moss, in branches of trees or shrubs, about 3-6 metres above the ground. 3-5 eggs.

Did you know? Size does not matter to the Eastern Kingbird: they will attack crows, ravens, hawks, or owls to defend their territory.

Note: Due to the fact that the Eastern Kingbird looks the same in both male and female, I have combined these together under the one heading.