Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird


Male: The male has a dark green head which is iridescent in parts; a red throat becomes darker under chin; a white collar, breast, and belly; wings and notched tail are black; iridescent green on back; he has a long, thin black bill; a small white area behind eyes; feet and legs are black. Stands approximately 3-3 1/4" or 8-9 cm tall.

Female: The female's head, back, and parts of her tail are bright iridescent green; a white throat, chest, and belly; her wings and tail are black with white outer tips; black bill is long and thin; small white area behind eyes; her feet and legs are also black. Stands approximately 3-3 1/4" or 8-9 cm tall.

Voice: A hummingbird's voice is a slight hummmmmmmmmmmm and could be folowed occasionally by an angry squeak or chattering.

Food: Their diet consists of: nectar from a variety of plants including thistles, jewelweed, trumpet vines and other blossoms, and occasionally insects.

Nest/Eggs: A hummingbirds nest is a thimble size, tightly woven cup with a deep cavity built with fibres and attached with a spider web, lined with plant down, covered on the outside with lichens, and may be in a tree or shrub, anywheres from 3-6 metres from the ground. 2 eggs.