Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow


Male and Female: The Song Sparrow has a brown head and back streaked with black; a buff-grey eyebrow extending to the back of their neck; a brown band running through the eye; their chin, chest, and belly are white with a brown-black banding running down to the lower belly; their short pointed bill is black on top with a yellow underside; red-brown crown with central white stripes; their wings and tail are brown with white edges; and long rounded tail. Stands approximately 5-6 1/2" or 13-16 cm tall.

Voice: Their call is a variety, of which includes tsip tsip and tchump tchump. Their song is a variety of rich notes.

Food: Their diet consists of a variety of insects, weed seeds, and fruit.

Nest/Eggs: The nest is a cup shape, and usually close to the ground. Made with weeds, leaves, and bark, lined with grass roots and hair, in a tree or a shrub. Less than 4 metres from the ground. 3-5 eggs.

Did you know? At one time, people interpreted this sparrow's song as "Maids! Maids! Maids! hang up your teakettle-ettle-ettle."

Note: Due to the fact that the American Crow looks the same in both male and female, I have combined these together under the one heading.