European Starling

European Starling


Male and Female:
Summer: A black iridescent bird in summer with white speckles over entire body; their bill is a sharp yellow; their wings and tail are edged in white and brown; their feet and legs are red.
Winter: Speckles increase and some become brown; the bill is black; their feet and legs are red; theeir wings and tail have more brown. Stands approximately 7 1/2-8 1/2" or 19-21 cm tall.

Voice: Their voice mimics the songs of other birds and even sounds of cats and whistles.

Food: Their diet consists of a variety of insects including worms, grubs and weed seeds.

Nest/Eggs: Their nest is a loose cup in a cavity filled with grass, leaves, cloth and feathers, usually up to 18 metres above the ground. 4-5 eggs.

Did you know? Sixty Starlings were introduced into New York City in 1890, and since then they have spread throughout North America.

Note: Due to the fact that the European Starling looks the same in both male and female, I have combined these together under the one heading.