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Cmp 521/621 - Presentations


When you click on a link, you may get a warning message about downloading the file.  
(They are virus-free, coming from the school server.)
Remember to turn on your computer's sound.  Most of the files contain music.

Some of the files are quite large and may take a bit of time to open.
(If you are on dial-up, you probably won't want to bother trying any of these links.)

Click Open to view the file.  It will run automatically.
Click your left mouse to go to the next page of a presentation.  Press Esc if you want to stop the presentation.

Cmp 621
Megan Banks PhotoShop Tutorial
Tristan Burke Working Out
Marlee Cameron How to Become a Rock Star
Stephen LaPierre Under the Sea
Clarke MacDonald Studying for a Test
Jennifer Mills Looney Tunes
Chad Victor Tattoos
Natasha Wilson What to do After a Breakup
Cmp 521
Melanie Flynn The O.C.
Kevin Francis Mooney's
Tyler Gallant Japanese Anime
Mary Theresa Hanlon Ticked Off!
Deanna LaBrech Mr. MacClure
Karen Lapierre Annoying People
Chance MacIsaac Mercury
Bethany MacPhee Desperate Housewives
Mallory McInnis One Tree Hill
Scott McInnis Video Games
Joel Mooney How to Fool a Fool
Shylah Sheehan Hawaii




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