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School Cyber Themes: Dinosaurs

    The Dino Dictionary.
  • This site offers a searchable database, discussion of current theories, a listing of dinosaur sites and clip art.

    The Dinosauria.
  • What do we know about dinosaurs? How did they live? How did they die? How do they live on today? Includes a section on myths and contains links to numerous other dino-sites.

    Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • A comprehensive, easy to navigate collection of "Dino Fact Files" that provide detailed text and graphic information on dinosaurs.

    World’s First Dinosaur Skeleton: Hadrosaurus Foulkii.
  • A site about the first dinosaur fossil found in North America. Foulke had discovered the first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur, an event that would rock the scientific world and forever change our view of natural history.

  • Play a dinosaur game, learn about their footprints, send a dinosaur postcard, or find out about extinction from this BBC site.

    Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction.
  • Get answers from the USGS to some of the most commonly asked questions about dinosaurs, how they lived, and how they became extinct.

    Dinosaurs and Extinction.
  • Learn about the time periods in which dinosaurs lived, what the earth was like, and theories on why they became extinct.

    CSG: Dinosaurs.
  • Get brief descriptions of different types of dinosaurs and find out what the Earth was like before they lived.

    Dinosaur Eggs.
  • Go on an online egg hunt and see how researchers "hatch" fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside. From National Geographic.

    Dinosaur Hall.
  • Check out the latest fossil feature or take a virtual tour of this exhibit from the Academy of Natural Sciences.

  • Learn about over 300 dinosaurs in the A-Z glossary, collect dino cards, find out what life was like before and after dinosaurs, and discover more about the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceaous periods. Presented by the Jurassic Park Institute.

    Zoom Dinosaurs.
  • Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that allows readers to start at a basic level on each topic, and then to progress to much more advanced information as desired, simply by clicking on links.

    Dinosaur Dig.
  • Your source for dinosaur bytes and fossil info. Play name that reptile or try out Jurassic Jumble while you're here!

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