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Online Survey

We invite you to complete our on-line survey about your family. Your participation involves your taking 10 minutes to complete the simple survey that follows:

Step 1: Choose the number below that you think is the most correct for each statement.

On the left, respond to the statement the way you think your family is now (Actual).

On the right, respond the way you would like your family to be (Ideal).

Almost Never
Almost Always


1. Our family thinks kind thoughts about one another.

2. In our family we express love for each other.

3. We use a kind tone of voice when we speak.

4. We treat one another the way we like to be treated

5. We enjoy doing things together as a family.

6. We set family goals together.

7. Our family helps one another without being asked.

8. We have family traditions.

9. We try to understand one another's feelings.

10. We speak kindly to one another and try not to criticize.

11. We listen to each other.

12. In our family we can say what we feel.

13. We take responsibility for our own mistakes.

14. We all help make the rules in our family.

15. We try to prevent problems before they occur.

16. We can talk about things without arguing.

17. Our family has good health habits. (Eat properly, exercise regularly.)

18. We enjoy learning in our family.

19. Our family enjoys being with other people.

20. Our family makes wise financial decisions.

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