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School Cyber Themes: Habitats

  • The articles on this web site describe several types of habitat, threats to survival, and the work being done on the animals behalf. Photos and illustrations are also included on this site.

    EEK! - Critter Corner - Habitats
  • Visit this Critter Corner web site and view some of the many different habitats that are home to many different animals. Discover who make the forests, lakes, prairies, and wetlands their homes. Many color photographs and illustrations are also included on this interesting and informative web site.

  • You can learn about the animals that live in or on a pond, on a farm, in people's homes, in or near the sea, in a hedge, and in a wood. When you are done learning about all of the animals you can search more web sites about animals and their habitats such as animals of the Arctic, desert, rainforest, and under the sea.

    Habitats: Home Sweet Home
  • Get up close and personal with earth's six habitats. Find info on protected lands, biodiversity, urban sprawl, conservation, and population.

    The Wild Habitat
  • Learn about the animals and environmental conditions in different ecological regions with this cool site.

    Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • Go on tours of environmental habitats, test your environmental savvy, and even create a thriving habitat for wildlife.

    Desert Animals and Wildlife
  • Links to lots of desert animals and wildlife such as mammals, birds and fish, reptiles and amphibians, insects and spiders.

    NG Monterey Bay
  • The National Geographic Sustainable Seas site for Monterey Bay.

    Secrets of the Ocean Realm
  • A PBS Online unit that includes background information, numerous activities, and even a free ocean screensaver.

    Treasures @ Sea
  • Don't miss this one! A terrific site with lots of activities and creative ideas.

    Undersea and Oversea
  • The Douglass School students visited the Atlantic Ocean and investigated its ecosystem. Follow along on their real ocean journey. Then, come back and take your own online ocean journey.

Cyber Themes