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School Cyber Themes: Canada

    About Canada.
  • Access information about Canada: history, culture, language, sports, society, events, economy, educational resources, statistics, environment, travel, ...

    The Atlas of Canada.
  • Natural Resources Canada logo and Government of Canada logo ... Welcome - Discover Canada through National Maps and Facts· Satellite image of Canada.

    Canada's Weather.
  • Choose a province, territory, city or marine symbol to find local weather conditions.

    How Canadians Govern Themselves.
  • Explores Canada's parliamentary system. Includes useful information on Canada's Constitution, the judicial system, and provincial and municipal powers.

    High Flyers.
  • Dedicated to Canadian women in aviation. Learn about their role from the early 1900s to the present day.

    Micmac History.
  • Detailed information on the history, culture, population, location, and sub-nations of this Native American tribe.

    Famous French Canadians.
  • Learn about some of the people who have contributed to the Canadian French-speaking world in sports, politics, community life, science, and more.

    Huron History.
  • Detailed information on the history, culture, population, location, and sub-nations of this tribe.

    Great Depression.
  • Grade 11 student project outlining and describing the desperate decade of the 1930s in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

    Northwest Rebellion.
  • Read about this historic event and people such as Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont, from the Canadian Military Heritage Project.

    RCMP Museum History.
  • Discover the history behind the famous red-coated Mounties. View a timeline of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and learn what their different badges mean.

    Virtual Museum of New France.
  • Offers interactive exhibits devoted to the history of New France. Includes explorers, maps, a glossary and much more.

  • Celebrates the history of the Underground Railroad and early African-American settlement in Canada.

    CanadaInfo: History & People.
  • Read about Canada's relatively short history compared to most industrialized countries. Despite this, though, Canada has produced an incredible number of globally significant people and has experienced many fascinating events. Learn more by choosing one of the categories.

    War Memories.
  • SKC Grade 7 student project outlining and sharing the memories of the Island women and men who served during wartime in the 1940s.

    SKC School Communities.
  • SKC Grade 8 students researched the geography, history, culture, and businesses of their own local communities. This site gives a real insight into what is special in their own local communities, that is, the many places to visit and interesting people to meet.

    Cyber Themes