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SKC Computer and Information Technology Rules for Students

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

This letter is to tell you about access to computer and information technology at school. Please discuss the "Rules for Students" (Schedule "B") carefully with your child, then sign and return the Acceptable Use Agreement (Schedule "C") to the school.

Using School Computers

We want your child to learn about computers and use them at school. Access to computer and information technology will give your child new skills, additional learning materials and research opportunities.

While this gives many benefits to your child, there is some unacceptable material on the Internet. We have installed software to restrict access to this kind of material, but it could still be possible for students to find it either on purpose or by accident.

We provide all students with an email account. Your child can use this account from any computer with Internet access. Anyone who receives an email from your child can obtain her or his last name, initials, and province from the email address plus any personal information she or he includes in the email. Please reinforce proper email use with your child.

Our scholl website can be found using the following address: This website is used to provide parents with information about our school activities. It is also used to celebrate and showcase students' work. We never identify children with theire full name, nor do we use names to identify pictures on our site. If you do not want to have your child's name, work or picture on our site, please let your child's home room teacher know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.


Information Technology Rules for Students (Schedule "B")

We ask parents and guardians to review these rules carefully with your child.

Rules for Students

Please read these rules carefully. You can ask your parents or teacher about any parts that you do not understand.

1. We will give you (the student) access to computer and information technology if you and your parents sign the Acceptable Use Agreement (Schedule "C") and return it to your school.
2. You may use electronic information for research purposes if you acknowledge the source in writing and if you respect the copyrights and school rules.
3. You must protect your password and not give it to anyone else. You must not use other people's passwords.
4. You may access databases, discussion groups, news groups, bulletin boards, list services, and world wide web sites only according to school rules.
5. You must not give out any personal information to any person or system on the Internet unless it is part of an educational activity under the direction of a teacher who has your parents' permission.
6. You should use your email account with caution because people can get personal information about you from your email address.
7. You must immediately tell your supervising teacher about any information or messages that are threatening or hurtful.
8. You must not use the computer for illegal activities, to harrass anyone, or for any personal activity that could embarrass you or the school.
9. You must not use the computer to access sites that contain or promote pornography, racism, hatred or any other inappropriate material.
10. You must not do anything to manipulate, alter, damage, disable or destroy the computer system or software.
11. You must not use the computer system in any way that interferes with other users, such as using too much bandwidth or storage, or sending spam.
12. if you use the computer system in an unacceptable way, we may cancel your access, take other disciplinary measures or call the police. Your supervising teacher, your shool, the school boards or the Department of Education can decide what is unacceptable use.


The Department of Education, school boards, schools, and supervising teachers are not responsible for any damages a student or other user may suffer arising from loss of data due to delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions.

Reasonable and appropriate precautions are taken to supervise and monitor student use of information technology. These precautions may not result in full control of student access to content and information. As a result, the Department of Education, school boards, schools, and supervising teachers do not warranty the accuracy, quality, and suitability of the content and information that might be accessed.

Computer and Information Technology Acceptable Use Agreement for Students (Schedule "C")

Before students can use the school's computer sustem, parents of students in grades 1 to 12 and students who are in grades 4 to 12 must have signed this agreement. This agreement is to be signed when students enter grades 1, 4, 7, and 10 and by students new to the PEI school system. It will stay in effect until the child leaves the school system or until the parent withdraws permission.


I have read the attached Information Technology Rules for Students (Schedule "B"). I understand that access to computer and information technology is intended for educational purposes. The Department of Education, the school board and school have taken reasonable precautions to eliminate unacceptable material. I recognize that it is impossible to restrict access to all unacceptable materials, and I will not hold any school staff person, the school board or the Department of Education responsible for materials my child acquires through the use of computer and information technology either by accident or on purpose. I acknowledge and agree that should my child commit any violation of the Information Technology Rules for Students and school rules, my child's access privileges may be limited, suspended or revoked. School disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be initiated including release of information to the police or other investigators.

I hereby give permission to school personnel to grant access to computer and information technology to my child.

Parent/Guardian's Full Name____________________________________

Parent/Guardian's Signature__________________________________


STUDENT AGREEMENT (Students in grades 4 through 12)

I understand, agree with, and will follow the attached Information Technology Rules for Students (Schedule "B"). If I break any of the "Rules for Students", the school may limit, suspend or revoke my access privileges, take disciplinary action, and/or start legal action including release of information to the police or other investigators.

Student's Full Name____________________________________

Student's Signature__________________________________


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