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  Monday, November 07, 2011, 3:21 pm
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Lunch Program Order Forms

Due Back :January 29th

Lunch Program Orders


PARENTS:  Send this in with student & payment on Jan 29th  

  Student:          ______________________

Grade:             ______________________

February 4th  In support of Winter Carnival celebrations Home & School is offering a FREE HOT DOG DAY!  Thanks H&S!

February 7th  

Lasagna with Garlic Bread    ______ $3.00

Ice Cream:                            _______.50

February 11th    

Pizza slice                         _________ $2.00

Garlic finger slice             _________ $2.00

February 14th    

Corn & Rice                     _________ $2.50

Carrot sticks with ranch   __________  .50
Ice Cream                        __________ .50

February 18th   Subway   ________$3.50

February 21st               

Meat Balls & rice              ________$2.50

Ice Cream:                        ________   .50

February 25th

Pizza slice                         _________$2.00

Garlic finger slice             _________$2.00

February 28th                         No School

Total enclosed:           $   ______________

**REMINDER**  Students are to take all cutleries needed for homemade meals & ice cream offered on Fridays.