In Remembrance:
Poppy Quiz Answers

1. What does the poppy represent?

The poppy represents the symbol of Remembrance.

2. Why should I wear a poppy?

When you wear a poppy or display a wreath you honour the war dead and help war veteran personnel and their dependents.

3. How do I help needy veteran personnel and their dependents?

The basic purpose of poppy funds is to provide immediate assistance to veteran women and men in need. This may include food, shelter or medical attention for them or their families. Also bursaries are granted to children and grandchildren of veteran personnel.

4. Are there any other uses for poppy funds?

Yes. Poppy funds can be used for low-rental housing and care facilities for elderly or disabled persons and their dependents, community medical appliances and medical research, day care centres, meals-on-wheels, transportation and related services for veterans, their dependants and the aged. Donations may be given for relief of disasters declared by the federal or provincial governments.

5. Aren't veteran women and men eligible for government pensions?

Yes. Many veteran women and men do get pensions, but many others, although handicapped, do not. However, no pension can provide for eventualities such as fire, a long illness on the part of the breadwinner or other medical expenses.

6. Does all the money raised through the distribution of poppies and wreaths go into poppy funds?

After expenses, such as the cost of poppies, wreaths and other supplies are deducted, all remaining monies are placed in trust to be used on those purposes authorized in the General By-laws of The Royal Canadian Legion.

7. Can poppy money be used for anything else?

The constitution of The Royal Canadian Legion stresses that poppy funds must be held in trust. They are subscribed to by the public. They are held in a bank account separate from that of the branch and cannot be used for any purpose other than those stipulated.

8. How much should I give?

We suggest that you give according to the dictates of your conscience. You might remember that the cost of all the things the poppy fund provides is much higher today; therefore, it takes more money to do the same job.

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