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How to Succeed in School

Get Organized
Use Good Study Habits
Learn How to Take Tests
Believe in Yourself

Some experts say the difference between good students and poor students isn't mainly ability. Instead, it's how students organize themselves to use their abilities. A little organization can produce amazing results!

Get Organized:

Have a homework agenda or scribbler to keep track of your assignments, and always carry it.
Ask the teacher for some outside help when the classroom explanation is not adequate for you.
Use scribblers to put your notes in, and keep them organized.
Have phone numbers for classmates, especially of one who will be your "homework buddy". This is someone in your class who collects hand-outs and assignments for you when you are absent from school. You can borrow your buddy's notes when you return to school, and you can do the same for this friend.
Ask questions when you are unsure of something.
Pay attention in class as it is very easy to let your mind wander. Take notes, concentrate on what is being said; it will be easier to absorb the information being presented.
Keep your bookshelf, desk, and kitbag neat.
Be prepared for each class, bringing the materials you need to class (including pencil and paper).

Use Good Study Habits:

Create a good study space with little distractions, that is, a place that is fairly quiet and away from the major traffic in your home. Sometimes music can be relaxing, but TV is a distraction.
Do difficult homework when you are mentally and physically at your best, not late at night, or when you are hungry.
Hang a calendar over your study area, and pay attention to it when you mark down tests, projects and assignments. That way, you can see what you have to do at a glance. You can plan ahead.
Stick to a study schedule; set aside an hour every shool evening for homework and review of notes.

Learn How To Take Tests:

Prepare well so you can feel relaxed.
Read the whole test first so you can plan your time.
Outline an essay answer before you begin to write.
Answer all the questions you know the answers to first, and mark the questions that you want to return to.
Go over all returned tests to learn from your mistakes.

Believe in Yourself:

In order for you to get good grades, you have to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Think positively, be confident, and tell yourself you can do it. If you think that you can't succeed, or if you allow past failures and mistakes to keep you from trying, you'll never get anywhere.
Merilyn Mitchell's Grade 7 Classroom