To discover skills for surviving in the wilderness, winter, and water, Grade five students in Elsie Moore's class at SKC studied the novel "The Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen and searched Internet sites for information.

"Survival" by Megan Collings

"Survival" by Eric Stewart

"Survival" by Brad MacDonald

S - is for surviving in the wild,
U - is for an unusual area,
R - is for running from animals,
V - is for vicious animals,
I - is for interesting stuff,
V - is for very smart,
A - is for wild animals,
L - is for losing hope.
In order to survive,
You have to feel the innerside,
So when you hear a sound,
You won't hide underground.
So that's how you survive,
You listen for the little innerside.

"Survival" by Brad MacDonald

"Survival" by Joel London

"Survival Poem" by Christina Powers

I hope I will never die in a storm.
I will try to be good and never run away.
I will be safe and never go in a big storm.
Only if I am Superman, I hope that I will never be in a storm.
That scares me.
I want to stay safe and sound in my people home.

from my dog

"Survival" by Keshia MacDonald

"Survival" by Amy Singleton

"Survival" by Josie Gormley

"Five Basic Survival Skills" by Colin MacLeod

Do not panic.
Start a fire.
Make a shelter.
Signal for help.
Don't eat strange plants.
First Aid.
S - save.
U - use your head.
R - remember to stay calm.
V - victims need help.
I - improve your survival chances.
V - value all your knowledge.
A - always be prepared.
L - learn to survive.

"Survival" by Dana Lavers

"Survival" by Kayla Moore

"Survival" by Alyssa Campbell

"Survival" by Andrew Carpenter

"Survival" by Taylor Graham

"Survival" by Oliver Fay

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