Technology Integration
Using Technology in Ways that are Both Curriculum-Based and Future-Oriented

The challenge lies in using technologies in better ways to promote meaningful student learning!

Research Question           Research Process
Data Analysis/Interpretation     Research Contribution

Research Process

So what might you expect from my Grade 7 students who are using computer technology to enhance their learning? To investigate this question, I conducted an in-depth, qualitative study of my class of twenty-three students, collecting data from observations of my personal growth process related to technology integration, questionnaires and interviews with my students, informal observations in the classroom, computer lab and library where the technologies are available, as well as informal conversations with my students. Documents related to the school's technology plan/policy were also collected. Our classroom has only one networked computer, but my students have access to our school's computer lab with 24 networked computers and printer, and library with 17 networked computers and printer; all computers have Internet access and are assigned flexible schedules. A variety of computer-related technologies are also available in the library, such as a digital camera, scanner, and a LCD projector.

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