Technology Integration
Using Technology in Ways that are Both Curriculum-Based and Future-Oriented

The challenge lies in using technologies in better ways to promote meaningful student learning!

Research Question           Research Process
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Research Question

Initially, I was interested in exploring how various technologies including website design, presentation software, spreadsheets, databases, the Internet, and other software have enhanced my students' learning. However, as my inquiry progressed, the following question emerged:

What were the best practices in integrating new technologies into curriculum to improve and enhance student learning?
To address the complexities of computer use with my students, I considered the extent electronic technology was being used in their curriculum, the factors that appeared to support high levels of computer use, the extent I, their teacher, was using computer technology to improve and enrich their learning, the changes in their learning that have come about because of technology use, and the changes in their learning environments that have come about because of computer use.

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