Technology Integration
Using Technology in Ways that are Both Curriculum-Based and Future-Oriented

The challenge lies in using technologies in better ways to promote meaningful student learning!

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Technology integration involves the practice of using new and emerging technology in ways that are both curriculum-based and future-oriented. The challenge for me as a teacher lies in using computers and other technologies to promote meaningful learning for my students. Now that advanced technology is more prevalent in our school, it is becoming less a decision of whether or not to adopt, and more of a dilemma of how to incorporate it most effectively into their curriculum. I endeavor to integrate this technology in a variety of ways as to create meaningful learning experiences and increase their technology literacy. I place greater value not only on using computers, but integrating them into curricular activities to ensure my students achieve success in learning, communications, and life skills, as well as becoming technology literate in the process.

Because of the increasing availability of technology in my school and my developing understanding of how its use as a tool supports a project-based learning environment, I began to think about how I could best use it to benefit and enhance the learning skills of my grade 7 students. As my pedagogical approach is based on my belief that the most effective way for students to learn information is to use it in purposeful, participatory activities that relate to their existing world, my students engage in projects that interest and/or challenge them. I became concerned about what is needed to promote best practices in computer technology use in a project-based learning environment.

Merilyn Mitchell
Southern Kings Consolidated School
May 2002
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