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War Stories

Wars have touched the lives of people of all ages, all races, all social classes. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and sweethearts were killed in action, were wounded, and many of those who returned were forever changed. Those who stayed on the homefront also served - in factories, in voluntary service organizations, wherever they were needed. Not every war or homefront veteran had the same experience, but all were affected, one way or another.

We're proud to pay tribute to the courageous war and homefront veterans who reflect on their war experiences. In very personal and unforgettable interviews, you will learn about war from those who actually survived it. By focusing on their recollections and personal experiences, we can gain a unique perspective on the realities of war. You'll be amazed by what they saw, did, and had to endure!

Hero awarded five medals:
The story of Everett George Dixon who served as gunner in four European countries during World War 2.

A tail air gunman's journey across Europe:
Blair MacSwain lived through battles in the air.

Life on the homefront:
Doris Matheson experienced the war as a young woman living in Iris, PEI.

Frightening panorama in the sea:
As a young seaman, Gerald Lannigan belonged to a naval group that destroyed 17 Nazi German ships.

North Nova Scotia Highlander killed in battle:
Private Charles John Acorn was 18 when he enlisted.

Heroism to save a captured friend:
The account of Peder Hansen as told by his grandson John Polk of Caledonia, PEI.

Families of young men held ransom:
Klaas Brink witnessed his family threatened by the Nazis.

From aerial photography to tracking satellites:
Mort Lyons was a RCAF aerial photographer before going to work tracking satellites.

More stories will be shared as they arrive. Stories from veterans or their family members are welcome!


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