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School Cyber Themes: Weather and Environment

    Environment Canada's Green Line.
  • Welcome to Environment Canada's Internet resource for weather and environmental information. The Green Lane TM helps connect Canadians, exchange information and share knowledge for environmental decision-making.

    Weather Wiz Kids.
  • A wealth of weather information that includes a glossary, terms, jokes, experiments, folklore, an "ask" section, and even access to Doppler sites, hurricane tracking charts, and charts for wind chill, heat index, and temperature conversions.

    The Weather Dude.
  • A weather page especially for kids, parents, and teachers from a weather forecaster. Includes musical meteorology.

  • This site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes--what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literally, out of thin air.

    Eco Kids Online.
  • Discover cool things about science and nature, wildlife, environmental issues and more through games and activities.

    FEMA for Kids.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps people who have been in a disaster. They also teach people what to do during a disaster and what to do before a disaster happens. You can learn what causes disasters, play games, and read stories.

    Hurricane Hunters.
  • Photos and information from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve. Especially cool is the Cyberflight into the Eye.

    Kids F.A.C.E.
  • Kids For A Clean Environment (Kids F.A.C.E.) is an international childrens environmental organization started in 1989 by a nine-year-old child. The club, with a current membership of 300,000 worldwide, was established to help children who want to learn more about the world in which they live, provide a way for children to be involved in the protection of nature, and connect children with other children who share their concerns about global environmental issues.

    Sierra Club of Canada.
  • This site offers a number of pages on forests, trees, and the air. The Sierra Club is a nonprofit, member-supported, public-interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment.

    The Green Squad.
  • Maintained by the Natural Resources Defense Council, this site helps kids to understand environmental and health issues as they relate to their schools.

    Earthquakes for Kids & Grownups.
  • Learn about past, present and future predictions for earthquake activity. Includes neat facts about quakes, science fair project ideas and answers to frequently asked questions about earthquakes.

    Savage Earth (PBS).
  • With stunning visuals and a focus on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, students learn just how fragile the earth and its crust are.

    Volcano World.
  • Could you outrun a lava flow? How do you become a volcanologist? Are there legends about volcanoes? Find details about volcanoes, their eruptions, and more.

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