A metaphor is a comparison not using the words like or as.  A couple examples would be "The shirt is fire-engine red" and "The cars are sky blue".  Take a moment to create your own metaphor.  When done click on a link below to view poems students created where they used metaphors to create comparisons.

Brennah/Wind Rebecca/Call me Kelsie/Tuck
Matthew/Snack it! Courtney


Wind is a hurricane. 
Always blowing around.
Booming at your window.
wriping up the ground.
Wind is a hurricane.
Jumping up and down.
Breaking your new clubhouse.
It has a loud sound.
Wind is a hurricane.

(A metaphor suggests a comparison. I have 1 metaphor in my poem. Can you find it?)

By Brennah

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Snack It 

Once upon an apple pie
a girl once turned into a guy.
He turned to a seed and got planted by a tree
early next summer he grew into a pea.
The pea was covered with disgusting green mold
and then by wintertime it was almost eighty days old.
My brother took a bite. . .  thought it was sunflower seeds.
I turned around and said it was molded cheese.
He went to the bathroom to spit it out
my mommy went in there and started to pout.
          And as for my brother his punishment was this, he had to go to school smelling of mold and fish.

(A metaphor is a comparison not using like or as. I have one metaphor in my poem. Can you find it?)

By Matthew

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Call Me!!!

If we were dogs and you wanted to run away....
Call me...
I can't promise to tell you to stop.. 
But I can run with you.

If we were cats and you felt like crying...
Call me...
I can't promise to make you laugh...
But I can cry with you

If we were rabbits and you wanted to have a friend to talk too...
Call me...
I can't promise to cheer you up...
But I can talk to you.

If we were golden finches and you called me, but I didn't answer....
Come quickly to find me because I might need you!!!
(A Metaphor is a comparison not using like or as. I have 4 Metaphors in my poem. Can you find them?)

By Rebecca

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Have you ever wondered what love means. Itís almost like the love for a family member. But love can be stopped in a mill of a secent. You loved a guy or was that a crush and you thought you loved him. You loved your mom oophs that was love. Why do you love like or have a crush on people? 
Or what kind of love can love be for you?
A metaphor is when you have a comparison without 
like or as. An example of metaphor is that tv is almost a computer. I have 2 metaphors in my poem.

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This poem is based on a book called Tuck Everlasting, By Natalie Babbitt.
I chose to do this poem because I like this book a lot. The family in the book drank from a pond and lived forever. It is not realistic to live forever. This is what my metaphor is about.

One day Tuck and his family,
drank from a pond,
everyone but the cat you see,
he didnít drink at all.
So Tuck just went on with his life,
the same thing any old person would do,
but when the years went by,
he and his family never grew.
100 years went by,
and still he did not die.
So Tuck decided to shoot himself,
to see if he would die, or if he would stay alive.
So Tuck shot himself, 
and then he fell to the ground.
Then he got back up again,
with no scar to be found.
Now he knows itís the pond you see,
and he and his family will never die at all!!!

A Metaphor a Comparison not using like or as . An example of a Metaphor is ďHe is a giantĒ I have 1 Metaphor in my poem can u find it? 

By Kelsie

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