The poems below were created using words to make something that is not real or alive seem real or alive. A couple examples of this would be "The tree groaned" and "The wind whispered".  Take a moment to think of your own example of personification then click on a link below to see how some students used personification in their poems.

Michelle/Sun bright Moon light
Melanie/What I like about you


Games talk to me.
And I talk to them.
My games are weird.
Especially my fear.
I like to talk.
Now i can’t.
Games are weird now I can’t talk because I have to talk to my sock

By Ben

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Sun bright Moon light

The moon is following me,
The sun is too!
The sun is bright,
The moon is too!
The man on the moon
went fishing! 
The man on the sun did too!
The man on the moon and,
The man on the sun,
Each others hooks,
Very ,very soon! 

A Personification is an object or a thing that has a human
discription.An example of Personification is the tree blew against the window.I have 4 examples of Personification in my poem.Can you find them? 

by Michelle 

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What I Like About You

I like your big hands and how they’re so soft.
That is what I like about you.
I like how you are so soft and how you speak with a 
You’re so warm when I am cold.
Your warm fur is soft to touch.
You are so fun to play with,but sometimes I think you
are like a big baby.
You’re a very good puppy.
That is what I like about you.
I like how you protected me.
That is another reason why I like you for who you are.

Personification is something you make seem real. An
example of personificationis when you 
say,”that hot chocolate is calling out my name.
” I have 3 examples of personification in my 
peom can you find them? 

by Melanie 

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