Responses To Our Poems

Using email we teachers at Eliot River Elementary and West Kent Elementary to view our web site and have their students provide feedback to us. We received the feedback from the students in the form of email which we then posted on this web page. In return, we viewed web sites that they created and we sent them feedback using email.


Hello.  I have a grade 4 class visiting your site on poetry.  I went to your website and I thought it was great because I really like doing puzzles and reading your funny poems.  Keep up the great work you guys.

- Mr. Coleman, Eliot River


Hi!  My name is David... I was on your website awhile ago.  I liked it mostly because of (Poetry!) there was a lot of creativity!

- David M., Eliot River


Hello.  I went to your website and I thought it was great how you made these poem things and puzzles.  It is really cool.  You did a super job.  I hope you add more.

- Lucas O. 4E, Eliot River


Hello.  We went on your website today.  We loved it.  It was awesome.  The poems were really good.  They did a good job on them.

- Megan S. and Tabitha, Eliot River


Hello.  I like your puzzles, its fun.  When I got on, I wanted to stay on.

- Matt B., Eliot River


Hello.  I went to your web site and I thought it was great because I saw a lot of cool stuff you guys must of did a lot of work in the web site.  There was a lot of puzzles and games and I thought your web site was really cool.

- Luke O., Eliot River


I liked the crossword puzzle and all your games were really fun.

- Katlyn, West Kent


The site was interesting and fun.  I thought the site had lots of good features.

- Emily, West Kent


I thought your site was pretty good.  I like how it was arranged.

- Scott, West Kent


I thought your puzzles were good.

- Anthony, West Kent


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