Responses for Japanese Poetry Page

Using email we asked teachers at Eliot River and West Royalty Elementary to view our web site and have their students provide feedback to us. We received the feedback from the students in the form of email which we then posted on this web page. In return, we viewed web sites that they created and we sent them feedback using email.

The page on with Japanese food  looks yummy. I remember eating it when I lived there!
-Mrs. Ives


Hello my name is Whitney.  My class went on your GRASS ROOTS PROJECT today.  It was great I had a lot of fun on it.  I especially liked your quizes on Japan.  Last year we made a grass roots project.  I really enjoyed talking with you.
- Whitney, Eliot River


Hello, my name is Jeff.  I think your website is awesome I especially like Patrick's about the man from Japan.  I like your puzzle too.

Here's a poem I made:

Ice cream

- Jeff, Eliot River


Hello.  We have just checked out your website and we thought it was amazing!  We also think the students have creative, bring minds for poetry.  We especially enjoyed the Japanese quiz.

- Lucas M., Nicholas. P, Eliot River


Hello my name is JamieLee,
Your class did a good job on your Grass Roots Project, they though it was EXCELLENT.  I think you guys did very good job, the pictures were very good I especially liked the ones of Japan.  Bye bye.

- JamieLee, Eliot River


Hello.  I went to your website and thought it was great because you have a puzzle and Japanese work and everything and keep up with the good work.

- Derek J., Eliot River


Hello.  I went to your website and I thought it was great because I really liked the Japanese quiz and I loved the poems and I think your website is better than ours.

- Timothy 4E, Eliot River


I found the pictures of Japan (especially the mountains) very soothing.  Some of the other students in my class liked the quizzes and puzzles."

- Steve, Eliot River


I liked the website; they did a great job with what I looked at today.

- Emma .M, West Royalty

I liked the work. 

- Devon, West Royalty


I liked the puzzle. It was a great site!

- Chris, West Royalty

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