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Students used Appleworks to type poems that they created.  The students chose their own format to use and subject matter for their poems.  Click on a name below to view the poem that the student created or scroll down the page to view all of the poems created.

Sam Sarah Aaron Sharon-Lynn  Teshia Drew  Samara 
Matthew Alaina Stephanie Spencer Brooke Katherine




I am a Butterfly.
I am one of the most beautiful insects of the world. 
I eat nectar, but
I don't harm the flowers.
I have many enemies.
I wander through the forests playing with all my butterfly friends. 
Their names are; Hippy, Dippy, Hopi, and Floppy.
I can't forget my best friends. 
Poppy and Moppy.
But do you know who really are my best friends?
Could you try to guess?
I think you might have a good idea.
I like how you like to be you and not somebody who you aren't.


Here I swim, with my friends. 
They jump around me and flip in the air. 
I am in Florida. 
There is lots of different kinds of dolphin’s
I am a Bottled nosed dolphin. 
I slip in the water to find my prey.
My predators are sharks and some bigger
animals than me that live in the ocean. 
I see something standing on land that I have seen 
There is a noise coming from there. I keep playing with my friends. 

by Brooke

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Black Bear 

The black bear goes 
to the river 
he tries to spot a fish
he sees one
he sticks his paws 
in the water 
he gets one
but it slips out
of his paws
he tries again
but it slips again
the black bear
decides to get some
berries instead
he gets them
he finds a log
and has a
snooze for the day.

by Aaron

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Betta Fish

I am a Betta fish. 
I have lots of colors.
I can be, yellow, red, blue and white 
with strips of pink 
and light blue.
Every time I swim my tail looks 
like a flag
in the wind.
People get me 
up with females.
I am really a male. 
I can tell you one thing I live in swamps 
and tanks .
I can promise 
you one thing...
you will never find one like 

by Teshia

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I am a wolf.
My name is 
Arrgo. I 
am the the leader
of my group. In the 
middle of the 
night we give 
a big roar. 
We see a 
hare going 
across the artic.
I am going for it.
I catch it with 
a leap of fear!
Now every night 
we catch our 
prey and we
give our roar
in the middle of the night.

by Drew

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Red Fox

As I slyly run down the path all you can see is a quick flash. 
I have nine cubs in a litter when they're only young.
I guide their hunt.
Days go by.
Now it is their birthday. 
I don't have to tear meat off the bone.

by Samara

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Bears are
creatures that
slash their
mighty claws
to fish for
their prey
In the winter
they lie
like a rock
and wait
for the 
dawn of spring

by Matthew

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It would be technology 
I wrote this poem on a computer.
It would be technology 
Everything was digital.
It would be technology 
People invented new things.
I like the way the world is now.


The kittens stretch, like a stretchy headband!
They go outside for some fresh air.
A fox sees them and the kittens run back,
Where it is safe.
Their owner picks them up
And lies them on her
Lap and they go to sleep.

by Alaina

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When the dark night freshly falls,
it becomes a light and you see what 
you want to see.
Now you feel the breeze on your 
Now you see what you what 
to see.
I stop in time and see
what I see what I see is
the baby birds
leaving their nest, and 
now it is appealing.
The birds hatch 
from their eggs.

The Moon

The Moon
comes up
like the Sun.
The Sun is 
because it 
is lighter.
The Moon 
is like the
cold getting
It is so stunning. 


You use it for school,
Work, and my favourite fun!!! 
technology is
important in our lives.
Next time you go 
and say
technology is so not cool
read this poem and 
think about
how cool
technology is.

by Stephanie

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I like dogs.
Dogs aren't shy and really should know why. 
They can be a watch dog.
They are really the kind to play with. 
A dog can also be your friend.

by Spencer

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Getting Away

Don't let him get away 
to the outer world
life is good the way it is
and he is part of it 
he can go if he wants to
but he knows
it will not be the same
as it is in here
Don't let him get away 
to the outer world
It is bad for him
He can go if he wants to
But it is good in hear
We like it
We like it in hear
If you want to go to the outer world
life will not be the same 
And you will come back in 
Oh Oh Oh Oh
You will come back 
I know

The Chipmunk

The chipmunk dressed in White, Black and Brown, 
Scurries for a berry.
He finds one
That he hid long ago.
He wanders off looking for a berry , 
When it sees a weasel. The weasel sees it Back , 
The weasel can taste the bone and flesh Right now.
The chipmunk scurries off with the
Close behind
Then the
Sees a butterfly 
That scurries all about
It catches the weasel’s
And the chipmunk eats a berry in 


Technology is a wonderful Use of time. 
If it wasn’t for Technology, 
A lot
Of kids Would be bored. 
I like to use Technology 
For many, many things, 
Going on the computer, Listening to radios 
And many more things.
On the Computer
You can
Search for things you do not Know,
You can
Write stories and poems, 
You can
Have a good time 
Playing games and having Fun! 
I like Technology!

by Katherine

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I am a owl 
I am as old as the
as wise as the
I am a owl.
At night you might hear me calling
At night I give my pray a fright!
and then I swoop down 
to catch my supper for a
midnight delight
I am a owl

by Sam

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Golden Retrievers

Here I lie under the 
sun, my golden coat
shines as my wide face
look around for water
to play in. 
At last I see water.
I run into the water my 
water repellant coat 
helps me through the
cold .
my master comes and 
takes me home and dries me off. 
I go out to hunt 
for some prey, like fish and
squirrels. I am
sure to watch out for 
bears and hunters that may 
hurt me.
It is starting to get cold,
but my warm coat keeps me warm.

by Sharon Lynn

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I Wish

I wish for a cat, I wish for a dog.
I wish for a storm with out a fog.
I wish to be, I wish to see.
I wish to be a great big flea.
I wish to swim in the sea.
But most of all I wan to stay.................


See me
White and black,
If I spray you don't come back.
I am coming through.
Move away or I might just spray you. 
I am shy as you can see.
So go away and let me be.
Please leave! I told you to 
I sprayed you.

by Sarah

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