Using email we asked teachers at Eliot River Elementary and West Kent Elementary to view our web site and have their students provide feedback to us. We received the feedback from the students in the form of email which we then posted on this web page. In return, we viewed web sites that they created and we sent them feedback using email.  We also got feedback from a couple renowned authors which we posted on this page as well.


"What a pleasure it is to see the works of these young poets presented in such an innovative and original way.  This website works well as a virtual showcase of writers brimming with intelligence and potential.  Already, they show a working knowledge of literature, and an ability to apply what they've learned to capture the world around them.  With the right encouragement, I believe these first efforts will bloom to some very fine writing in the years to come. Without a doubt, this is an especially worthwhile endeavor."

 -David Hickey, Milton Acorn Prize Recipient


" I found this site to be an extremely useful tool.  The site is coherent in its design and the information it provides students and instructors is accurate and accessible.  I believe the website will help make poetry not only understandable, but also fun.  I find it very exciting to find teachers who are looking for innovative ways to instill a love of literature in their students."

-Sheri Benning, author of Earth After Rain





" I thought the game was really good and I learned a lot from going in on your site."

- Katarina, West Kent


" I found the puzzle very interesting."

- Edwin, West Kent


" Hi This is Robyn.  I like the game you had.  I like your pictures too."

- Robyn, West Kent





" Hello. My name is Jaimlyn.  My class and I went on your site today.  I thought it was really good.   I especially liked the background.  The poems were really good too.  My class is doing acrostic poems too.  Well, keep up the good work."

- Jaimlyn W., Eliot River


" Hello I think your website is very good.  I like your acrostic poems they are really cool.  I like the puzzle pictures!"

- Trevor, Eliot River


" Hello we were on your site today and it was very nice.  I really liked it. We just did an acrostic poem.  Hope you have a nice day.  Bye bye for now."

- Alyssa and Victoria, Eliot River


" We did acrostic poems in our class last week.  It was fun to see what someone else did.  I also liked the lessons on how to do other kinds of poems."

- Steve, Eliot River


" Hello!  I thought you website was amazing!  I found it very interesting.  My favorite part was the studying poetry section.  My class is doing acrostic poems too.  I hope our website will be as good as that someday.  Bye for now!"

- Megan, Eliot River