Biography of Sheree Fitch  by Marcie (Grade 5B)

Sheree Fitch  was born in  Ottawa  Ontario. She went to  two  Universities   the  first one was St. Thomas the second one she went to was Acadia  University.   Sheree  Fitch had two children  both boys  their names  are Dustin  and  Jordan.  Before Sheree was a writer she was a nurse.  Her  first book she wrote was  Toes in My  Nose. In 2000  her book  If You Could  Wear My  Sneakers won the Hackmatack  award.   She got her idea for her book  There  Were  Monkeys   In  My   Kitchen  because her children  were  playing  basketball   in the house.   Sheree   Fitch wrote her first poem  in grade 2. She wrote it for her teacher.  Sheree Fitch tells her young writers to "read read read".

 One of my favorite books by Sheree Fitch is There's a Mouse in the House. Click on link to hear part of this book being read. 

There's a mouse in the house 

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