Grade 5B Emails to Sheree

The grade 5B class at St. Jean wanted to ask a few questions to Sheree Fitch. Mrs. Ives e-mailed Sheree to see if she would be willing to respond to some of our e-mail. She said "Go for it!" So we did.....Here are some of our messages.


Dear Sheree Fitch
You are a great author. My favorite poem is a Pocketful of Rocks. My class made our own verse and here is my version:
A pocketful of ants,
 a pocketful of ants,
 what can you do with a 
pocketful of ants,
 the ants will go to your pants that you just got from 

I like the way you got the idea for Monkeys in my Kitchen from your 
sons Jordon and Dustin playing basketball in the house and being 
noisy. I almost forgot to tell you what I look like. I had brown hair but 
I dyed it red. I have freckles and sometimes I like to write poems. 
From Cheyenne 
Dear Sheree Fitch,
Hi, my name Breanne Marie MacKinnon. I am in grade 5 in 
St. Jeans. I really like the book If you could wear my Sneakers 
because I like the skunk talks. I think it sounds wierd. Why did you 
study nursing if you wanted to be a poet? Thank you for all the great 
poems. You're great.

Sincerely Breanne 
Dear Sheree Fitch 
Hi, my name is Colby Wood and I'm 11 years old and I read your poems. They are very nice. I really liked Mable Murple and Pocketful of Rocks.
They are all nice. I like to make poems too. I make funny poems, sad poems and nice poems. I make a lot of mistakes. I read the book Tose in my
Nose. I think you are a good poem maker. They are all good in my books...

Yours Truly
Dear Sheree Fitch 
My name is Devon Laybolt. I think your books are really good. I have a question for you, Do you live in U.S.A.? I read a few of your books.
Where did you get the idea of  If you could wear my Sneakers? My favorite one is There are Monkeys in my Kitchen. I have one bother and two
sisters. I am a uncle. My oldest sister had a baby. His name is Alex. And I really like your poems.
From Devon 
Dear Sheree Fitch,
How did you get the idea for Pocketfull of Rocks? My favorite 
poem is Maple Murple. Where did you get the idea for Toes In 
My Nose? In Maple Murple my favorite part is when she is purple.

From: Robert 
Dear Sheree Fitch

Hi, my name is Ryan Cheverie & here are some of my interests: 
soccer, hockey & playing outside. I have one brother, my mom, my 
dad & my cat in my family & that's some info about me.

I think that you should write a sequal to There are Monkeys in my 
Kitchen, except with a different animal or two. I liked your book and 
I think alot of other people did too. I've read that book about a million 
million times.

Yours Truly 
Dear Sheree Fitch,
What is it like to be a writer? I am a student from grade five and I 
have a big brother, a mom, a dad, a cat and a dog in my family. What 
story are you working on now? In class, my teacher read some of 
your poems like, If you could Wear my Sneakers, and Toes in my 
Nose. I hope to get a response and take care. 
from Vincent
Dear Sheree,
Hi my name is Meghan Farrow I am 11 years old. I go to St. Jean Elementary. Well enough about me lets talk about your books &
poems. I love every one of the poems in the book Toes in my Nose I love your poems. They are just so full of imagination and they are so funny
they make me laugh. I love them and when I grow up I would like to write poems just like you. If you go on our website you can read some of our

P.S. Please Write Back

Your Friend
Dear Sheree ,
You are a great poem and story writer. I like your poems the best because I love the way your poems rhyme. Here is a poem I wrote for you .
Oh trash oh trash why is this all 
What do you think trash cans
are for?
I think I just splashed
with a ash!!! 
What do you think trash cans 
are for!!
A big old tour!!!
oh trash oh trash a big pile
of trash!!!

The End
By Amy 
Dear Sheree Fitch
Hi my name is Marcie. I am in grade five. I like your poems . 
Because I like to memorize them. They are actually very easy to 
memorize. My favroite poems are Mable Murple, Zelba Zinnamon, 
Step Away, and Pocketful of Rocks. I think your poems are really 
nice. Well I have to go now. I really hope you write some more 
poems soon. 

Yours Truly 

Sheree Fitch 
I am 11 years old. I was born in 1991,
Dec 6 I have 2 sisters, so that is enough
about me. I love your poems because I can use different colors and people to make some poems of my own like: Rorry Deads
and Pocketful of Gnats.


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