Using email we asked teachers from Belfast Consolidated and Eliot River to view our web site and have their students provide feedback to us. We received the feedback from the students in the form of email which we then posted on this web page. In return, we viewed Grassroots web sites that they created and we sent them feedback using email.

From Students

Students from Belfast Consolidated looked at our web site and emailed their comments to Mrs. Ives at

Hi Marcie,

My name is Bailey. I am from Belfast school. I'm also in grade 5. I really liked your website on poetry. You should come and visit our site called artifacts. Your website was very cool.

From Bailey

Hi Janelle,

I am Hannah from Belfast school and I am in grade 6. I really liked your website on poetry. We have a website too, it's called artifacts.

From Hannah


Responses from Eliot River students:

Hello my name is Jordan.  I was on your website today and I really liked it.  At our school we have a website.  I really liked your jigsaw puzzles and a lot of other stuff. Bye.

From Jordan

Hello my name is Josh.  I was on your website today.  I think it's really good and it's very cool.

From Josh


From Sheree Fitch!

Sheree Fitch responded to our emails...check out what she said below!

Dear Jamie:

I wrote about a pizza once. It's a poem in the book Toes in my Nose!  Thank you for your compliments. Everybody needs to know they can do something that makes other people happy!

Sheree Fitch

Dear Vincent:

To be a writer feels like I am lucky to do what I do. It means to check my emails an find a note form you! But really it means I am just like anybody. I have a family I love first and best of al. Write about that great family of yours. And thank you so much!


Thanks Marcie for your note. Somedays, it is lonely being a writer. I was lonely the day I got your note. I was cheered up! It made me want to keep writing poems. And even better, I felt like I had readers and then I didn't feel so lonely! 

Sheree Fitch

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