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We had a lot of questions about Sheree. We wrote them down here and made a game to find the answers that would be both educational and fun!  Try to find the answers to the questions below.

1. Where was Sheree born?

2. Where did Sheree go to university?
3. Does she have any children? What are their names?
4. Sheree also studied to be something other than a writer. What was that job?
5. What was the first book she ever wrote?
6. Which book won the Hackamtack award in 2000?
7. Where did she get the idea to write the book There Were Monkeys In My Kitchen?
8. When did Sheree write her first poem? Who did she write it for?
9. What advice does Sheree have for young writers?
10. Write an interesting fact you learned about Sheree.

We used the Internet to find the answers.  We used Google  as the search engine.

It was fun to look for the information. If you would like to try our Web Hunt, just print a copy our questions  Web Hunt Questions and the sites listed below will provide all the answers.  


These are the sites we used to find the answers to our Web Hunt questions. They are the first six sites that appear when you use to search for information on Sheree Fitch.

Writers Federation of Nova Scotia

University of Calgary Kaleidoscope 6

CBC4kids Author of the Month

ACHUKA Interview with Sheree

January Magazine Interview

A Wonder of Words

Article from Today's Parent about Sheree Fitch

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