Sheree Fitch Web Hunt
1. Where was Sheree born?
2. Where did Sheree go to university?
3. Does she have any children? What are their names?
4. Sheree also studied to be something other than a writer. What was that job?
5. What was the first book she ever wrote?
6. Which book won the Hackamtack award in 2000?
7. Where did she get the idea to write the book There Were Monkeys In My Kitchen?
8. When did Sheree write her first poem? Who did she write it for?
9. What advice does Sheree have for young writers?
10. Write an interesting fact you learned about Sheree.

Answer Key

1.Ottawa, Ontario
2. St. Thomas University and Acadia University
3. Two sons, Jordan and Dustin
4. A nurse
5. Toes in my Nose
6. If You Could Wear My Sneakers
7. Her sons were bouncing basketball around their small house.
8. In grade two she wrote a poem about her last name for her teacher, Mrs. Goodwin
9.Read, read, read
10. variety of answers

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