Writing Ideas

We used Sheree's book  Writing Maniac  to get us started writing poems!  Here are a few of the ideas from the book...Great to get the creative juices flowing!


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  1. Pick a letter from the alphabet. For one minute, write down all the words you can think of that begin with that letter. It could be the beginning of a tongue twister poem!
  2. Write for five minutes using every one of your five senses. Suggested topics: eating breakfast, going camping, going to the mall. (I could smell the bacon cooking...)
  3. Practice similies with these fill in the blank exercises:
    As red as ____________________________.
    As cold as ___________________________.
    As hot as ____________________________.
    As dark as ___________________________.
    As blue as ___________________________.
    As soft as ___________________________.
    As hard as __________________________.
    As sour as __________________________.
    As sharp as _________________________.
    As round as _________________________.
    As slippery as _______________________.
    Use this list for poem writing, change it as often as you like, add more descriptions...
  4. Practice metaphors with these fill in the blank exercises:
    Loneliness is a phone that never rings.
    Anger is a ____________________.
    Hunger is a ___________________.
    Fear is a _____________________.
    Love is a ____________________ .
  5. Make up a metaphor riddle.
    For example: What do shoes, tires, and mothers have in common?
                          They can all get worn out!
  6. Write a shaped poem by tracing your hand. Around the outline print words that describe things hands do.
    Use different shapes like star, tree, car, fish, octopus
  7. Write down words that make sounds. That's called onomatopoeia!

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