Playing With POETRY!

The students at St. Jean Elementary are curious about poetry. They had a few questions about poetry and  they wanted to find the answers. For example they wanted to know : What exactly is a poem? How many types of poems are there? Where do poems come from? Are there any famous poets? Are there any famous poets on Prince Edward Island?

Surf our website and discover the answers to these questions and learn more than you ever thought possible about poetry!


Limericks by Grade 3
 Poetry study  by Grade 4B
Poetic Devices  - Simile, Metaphor, and Personification  
by Grade 5A
Sheree Fitch by Grade 5B
Japanese Poetry Grade 6A


Here's a link that gives a lot of good information to get you started writing poetry!

Hot List of Poetry Sites 
by Mrs. Ives

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Date last updated: 02/16/2004