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ART 601 - Third Year - Open - 1 credit 
DESCRIPTION  - In this advanced level course, you will incorporate the knowledge and ability to work independently and creatively that you have been developing in Art 401 and Art 501.  The first half of the course focuses on refining the your skills, techniques, and knowledge of art theory and history.  The second half of the course is self-directed.  You will choose a theme and develop a final portfolio of related worked based on that theme.

                Contemporary art practices, objectives, philosophies, and discussion will be explored as you involve yourselves in personal research and influences in order to complete your on-going art making.  You will be periodically advised and reminded of the serious commitment to developing a final portfolio.

The progression of a full body of work and focus of students will be closely evaluated.  You will be expected to complete course work including homework assignments, term projects and tests and examinations to the best of your ability.  This is an advanced level course that has a prerequisite of Art 401and Art 501 and is highly recommended to those wishing to pursue art at a post-secondary level. This is a comprehensive course and is flexible in content and instruction in order to complete and understand course objectives.

PREREQUISITE - Art 501 or permission

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