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Melissa Bernard
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Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
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Jacinta Schurman
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Adam Arsenault
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Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Adam ArsenaultThis term I plan to take time to create some good visuals of a story I've created. I've never really done any good copies of my characters or anything (with full detail and color), unless i imediately hated it and changed it afterwards I hope to take the time and develop my ideas on paper in a way that I can actually be satisfied with. My major plan is to create a rought outline of my story through pictures of the different characters and important events. It may be like a kind of rough plan before actually creating a cartoo, but the pictures will be good copires in full detail. Most of my characters are robots or andriod type things, so i'll have to study machinery and the way moving parts work and look. I've already done some of this, but still need to work out some of the more complicated parts. I plan to do one big portrait of my main character, with alot of detail, shading and color. I may then do a picture of an entire group of characters, followed by some action shots revealing a little of the story. Most of these pictures will be done in black ink and pencil crayon, but some could be done in paint or chalk and pastels. The look i want for all my work will be that of a cartoon, so there won't be alot of deviations in medium. I really hope that i will have a few works that are successful and that i am satisfied with. Alot of the time I can do some good drawings, but they are too small, i have never really taken the time to sit down with this ive only done some quick sketches or doodles during class. Bringing my idea to life is my biggest goal this semester.

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