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2003 Graduates

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Adam Arsenault
Ryan Cole
Sarah Frandsen
Mario Frieberger
Melanie Mahar
Michelle Swart
Joey Wargachuk
Adam Arsenault

The theme of my independent project deals with change in natural scenery over a period of time. My project is supposed to show how different the scenery can be in one day at different locations, or during different types of weather, such as clear blue skies compared to blizzard skies.

My six pieces of artwork were selected from the pile of photographes, either because they were one of my favorites, or because they clearly showed a change from other photographs. My largrest canvas is of a field by my house on a cloudy day. Two others are of the same field, but on clearer days. The remaining ones are of the water front, and random fields with interesting skies.

After developing the pictures, I photographed, I proceeded to paint selected images onto a anvas, One was done using pastels, however, and one was done partially with pastels, then I finished off with paint. I felt that paint was the best way to go about doing skies and scenery.


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