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2003 Graduates' Portfolios
Christina Albert
Melissa Bernard
Ben Allain
Felicia Clark
Katie MacLeod
Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
Jillian Waite
Jacinta Schurman
Kelly Seaboyer
Lacey Duffney
Adam Arsenault
Kiele Poirier
Jenna Fitzgerald
Fiona Cregan
Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Ben Allain
At the beginning of this school term, I wrote that my focus in this independent study would be to explore new mediums, but continue with my old favourites, and also, mainly to capture the people and places of Prince Edward Island. I wrote that when I had finished I'd hoped to have an impressive portfolio for university applications. while I am still a few pieces away from where I want to be, I feel I have worked at a fairly productive rate for this past month and a half. My goals were achieved, as I used several new mediums as well as different techniques. clay, cardboard, watercolours, etching, as well as diluted oil paint were all explored, to different degrees, this semester. I am aware that the amount of paintings I have completed far outnumber the amount of other mediums i have used, but the point is I tried different mediums that I was familiar with, and that was the pint of my study. I found the sketchbook highly beneficial in recording interesting objects, occurrences as well asd other pieces of art, and it was the foundation for a few of my final compositions. the theme of people and places of PEI was mostly followed, being strayed from only a few times throughout the study. Overall, I believe I had a rather productive independent study, and I am quite satisfied with my final results.

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