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Principles Ceiling Panel

Package Design

Japanese Tea Bowl


Styles of Expression

Rug Hooking


2 Point Perspective


Clay Vessels

Impressionism Paintings

Cubism 2002-03
Darren Arsenault Evelyn Murphy
Johanna Gallant Julia Pringle Maggie Palmer Michelle Swart Sarah Day
Stefan Greencorn Shawn MacDonald
Adam Arsenault Adam Malloy
Ashley Mason Joey Wargachuck
Nadia Harris Ryan Cole Samantha Clow Sarah Frandsen Miranda Gallant
Paige Matthie
Famous artists Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Fernand Leger developed the Cubism style of art in the early 1900's. Artists combine multiple points of view of an object or grouping of objects into one complete view. All angles of an object can be seen simultaneously in a Cubist artwork.

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