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Denise Grant
Ok, incase you've already guessed it, my theme will be Anime and Fantasy. I want, or would like to draw dragons and people in Anime.I have noticed that i have been slacking off in the Anime department and i want ot spend this term doing something that i love. My first project i plan on doing is my painting of a dragon (a very big painting). I plan on using the big role of paper, and paints (some of my own). Some other ones i have in mind are: Paintshop pro 7 work Detailed drawings of Anime characters and some other things i havent thought of yet For the PSP 7, i plan on taking a picture and adding a character i drew on PSP 7 into it. All I'll ned is a digital/ real camera, a scanner, and a computer. the detailed drawings, I paln on working on Human Anatomy so that the look a little more normal. I plan on spending some time on this, because I wish to perfect my Anime. I'll probably just use paper and pencils. I'm not quite sure of anything else as of yet, so I'll get back to you on that. Maybe more paintings of dragons (since I can't find posters of dragons anywhere to hang on my walls).

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