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Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Fiona CreganFor my term project I plan to create a series of (loosely) interrelated artworks, using different media and techniques to produce a "web" like structure out of my work that ultimately forms a whole and complete representation of my theme. I plan to entitle my exhibition "UNDERWEAR"; this title expresses the theme of my series (people and the connections they make throughout life) as well as the social and humanitarian undertones of the works I will produce. The title is a message to society about the large portion of any one individuals personality that we, as an automotonic, materialistis, self-absorbed species rarely take the time to even notice. There is a whole other life behind the everyday things we percieve, that some of us dont even realize exists. The purpose of the aartworks i will do is to portray that "inner life", by studying the mannerisms and personalities of individuals, as well as expressing their inner, private life and thoughts, albeit abstractly, through the medium of art. I have a few ideas for larger projects i want to do; for example, I want to film and animate a featurette in rotoscope (this is first filmed in live action and then drawn over, frame by frame, digitally to create a life like animation), and create a giant portrait (perhaps a self portrait) out of paint chips. I will also be doing some smaller more conventional projects, using traditional mediumssuch as paint, charcoal and clay. I would like to make a sculpture... so i will be needing the kiln. I will also need to borrow digital and video cameras... I want to do some photography and integrate it with the artwork... maybe take some digital pictures and alter them on corel nad then print them off. There are ALOT of things I want to do and i am confident that i will be able to accomplish many of them.

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