2002 Graduates
2003 Graduates

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Joey Wargachuk
Joey Wargachuk

My theme for this term was titled "The Dark Shadows" mainly because I wanted to reproduce the subject of homeless people, hookers, and junkies. I thought it would be interesting to recreate set ups of the lives of actual homeless, hookers, and junkies.

My first project of work in a large painting I titled "The Long Road" for the reason that every city that I have been to always has a road where it looks like it is abandoned. That's where you look when you are looking for homeless people. Also I felt it set the mood for my theme.

Next I did a number of set ups with people dressed up in different locations. Next, I took a choice of a few of the pictures and scanned them into my computer and did various effect and added text. These are my digital black and whte pieces. I also filmed a very short film in black and white and looped it over and over again. I call it "Another Day". It is supposed to show the poor living on the streets living every day the same. Lastly I have a shopping cart and filled it with many items that are supposed to be the belongings of a homeless person.  



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