Student Responses

Students had a chance to evaluate their Art Edventures and give their comments.  Chekc out:

Mitchell, grade 10

Josee, grade 10

Color Theory versus Dr. Gray and the Dechromatizer Evaluation Questions

Please evaluate the Color Theory versus Dr. Gray and the Dechromatizer web site.

  1.  Was the web site easy to use?  Comment.

Not really.  It didn't explain very well and I couldn't figure out what to click on next.

2.  Were you able to answer the questions using the website?  Comment.

  No.  It didn't explain easily.

3.  Did the website seem well designed and easy to use?  Comment.

It was well designed but not easy to use.  It was kinda boring about some doctor stealing color.

4.  What did you learn about color?  Comment.

I didn't learn much about color.

5.  What was good about the site?  Bad?  Comment.

I think it was not was hard to know wehre to go and what to do.

6.  How would you improve the web site?

It would help if it explained better and had a better story line, and would explain easier what to do and where to go.

7.  Should this web site activity be used with classes in the future?  Comment.

It would be good to use with classes if the site made some changes


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