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2003 Graduates' Portfolios
Christina Albert
Melissa Bernard
Ben Allain
Felicia Clark
Katie MacLeod
Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
Jillian Waite
Jacinta Schurman
Kelly Seaboyer
Lacey Duffney
Adam Arsenault
Kiele Poirier
Jenna Fitzgerald
Fiona Cregan
Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Katie MacLeod
With my work this semester I intended to create pieces depicting an antagonism or association of opposites. At the beginning of the term I hoped to use a lot of varied mediums straying away from the traditional paint and pencil. I experimented with oils, spray paint, watercolour, screenprinting, and the "scrapbooking" of metals. Also, in my final paper I wrote of the collaboration between scientists and artists in restoration and conservation of art works. I felt that this paper also contributed to my opposites theme by uniting two, seemingly polar, opposites and showing how the two work successfully together. In my art works I tried to develop new and interesting ideas. With my work I am trying to show that you can, indeed, have one opposite the other. For example, in "the Clothesline" I tried to convey a technical, rusty, and dirty clothesline, paired with feminine lace and tulle as the "clothes". I relate this piece to the side of my personality that enjoys working outside and getting my hands dirty, but also, to the ladylike aspect of my individuality that enjoys the colour pink and likes to wear dresses. I am also trying to channel a message of "not being quick to judge" one dimension of a situation, or what have you, until you have witnessed the other. I think it is important to study, equally, all the different possibilities or outcomes that may occur, even though it may mean straying from traditional or accepted thought. Weak explanations and mild euphemisms used abundantly in today's society are convenient and propitious. To clear many of society's, or the world's for that matter, people need to hear not just what they want to hear, but to examine both sides of the situation. The opposites theme is a metaphor for a much larger issue and I hope to introduce these ideas through my works presented.

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