2002 Graduates

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Pure Abstraction

2003 Graduates' Portfolios
Christina Albert
Melissa Bernard
Ben Allain
Felicia Clark
Katie MacLeod
Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
Jillian Waite
Jacinta Schurman
Kelly Seaboyer
Lacey Duffney
Adam Arsenault
Kiele Poirier
Jenna Fitzgerald
Fiona Cregan
Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Kiele Porier
This year I am going to do an artistic study of nature, flowers, water, weather, plants etc. The growth, changes etc. will also be covered. I want to do alot of experimenting with photography: unique views, angles, subjects, color, black and white etc. I am also planning a mixed media piece using real grass, leaves, petals, feathers etc. to make up the composition. I dont have a set plan for each of my pieces but with experimenting and studying I will just let the ideas flow from one to the next.

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