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2003 Graduates' Portfolios
Christina Albert
Melissa Bernard
Ben Allain
Felicia Clark
Katie MacLeod
Kira Maros
Terri-lee Phillips
Jillian Waite
Jacinta Schurman
Kelly Seaboyer
Lacey Duffney
Adam Arsenault
Kiele Poirier
Jenna Fitzgerald
Fiona Cregan
Amber Decoste
Denise Grant

Lacey DuffneyMy proposal for this term for individual work will be based on waht inspires me the most. The artworks/projects that i will be working on will or may include; linoprint, screenprint, clay/plasticine making, paper mache, carving objects out of soap,florist foam etc.(one of them) and a painting/ drawing. These are some ideas that i will try to do this month if possible. In the end, these projects should/will show my main idea of what inspires me, dolphins.

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