2002 Graduates
2003 Graduates

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2004 Graduates' Portfolios
Adam Arsenault
Ryan Cole
Sarah Frandsen
Mario Frieberger
Melanie Mahar
Michelle Swart
Joey Wargachuk
Michelle Swart

My theme was art therapy. The process of healing with the help of creativity and expressism in am enjoyable environment. Art therapy involves painting, clay, and creating anything artistically.

The mirror Images, Where I took mirrors and painted on them, are supposed to create ceartain feelings and provoke though as to how each image relates to the person in the reflection. It's like identifying your deeper self.

The Wishing we, was an idea concerning a Right and Wrong. Beer caps represent the bed and negativeity in the wourld, but when put to use abd used to make a wishing well, it shows bad things can become good and that it is all in how you percieve and use them, As a wushing well represents hope.

The Ink Blop Painting is my presentation of an ink blob test. It was made with no medium or subject, and was put together for the interperatation of others. Ink blobs are used to find the personality of a person, which is brought out

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